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Gina has been an avid photographer for many years. Her education in photography began in high school where she learned how to develop film and make her own pictures. Her education and training continued in college, where she graduated with a degree in photography.

Gina prefers taking photos in black and white but will use color or other mediums when the moment calls for it. She enjoys looking at things with a unique perspective and capturing them in a photo. Her work has been on display in various galleries and shows in the Midwest.

Gina is also a graphic designer. She has designed and created a number of printed pieces, banners, logos, as well as her own website. Her strongest enthusiasm is designing print ads, newsletters, and guides but she also enjoys creating commercial banners and logos for the web. 

Her experience includes print, logos, photo retouching, product photos, web banners, and websites.

Check out her work on the portfolio page.